Why You Should Drink Coffee?

Why You Should Drink Coffee?

You probably know coffee. This brown colored energy drink. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world after water and tea. These grains from all over the world have been very successful since their discovery in Ethiopia. biological study, it even seems that prehistoric humans consumed it .For excavations in Ethiopia coffee preparations were found . For this group of people, few feel the negative effects of coffee consumption. Few bowel or heart problems (increased heart rate) have been reported. This small sample does not shed light on the real risks of coffee consumption. But, strong trends are marked.

In this article we explain exactly the effects of coffee on the human body, whether positive or negative. Kick back in your armchair or sofa with a steaming cup of coffee by your side! We wish you a good reading!

Positive Effects…

Drinking coffee in sensible proportions can have real health benefits. Fighting Major Illnesses Drinking coffee is not the solution to all diseases. But it can have a preventive effect and help fight certain serious diseases. In particular, studies conducted in the early 2000s showed that coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s or certain liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Much research has also been done on the relationship between cancer and coffee. Opinions are divided, but to this day many scientists agree that coffee is an anti-cancer drink. It has antioxidants that would protect against certain types of cancer (including colon cancer and liver cancer).

Therefore, coffee is not a miracle cure for these diseases. You can participate by protecting yourself a little from your looks.

Helping Our Minds

If we ask someone why they drink coffee, it is very likely that their answer will be “because I like the taste” or “to wake me up in the morning” as a source of comfort. It’s also a bit of a “starter” for a lot of people. Coffee is known for its stimulating effect thanks to caffeine. After a coffee our alertness, alertness and concentration increase. It is possible to drink a cup of it to combat fatigue, drowsiness and sleep, that’s why many of us like to drink this hot drink in the morning after getting up, in the morning or to strengthen ourselves at the beginning of the day in the afternoon. Caffeine also increases adrenaline levels


So everyone can work hard. a little more Some people sometimes notice an improvement in their physical performance after drinking coffee. body support One of the great qualities of coffee is that it is low in calories.

It has many nutrients very useful for everyone’s health, in addition to a balanced diet. These nutrients obviously vary from coffee to coffee, and depend on many factors: the coffee variety, cultivation methods, roasting processes, or the type of coffee preparation. In a cup of coffee you will find all the minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc. It also provides carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and even proteins. A reasonable consumption of coffee can also help digestion (elimination of certain fats). To sum up the positive effects: with reasonable consumption, coffee has many health benefits! … and negative effects! Coffee also has several negative effects. EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, recommends not exceeding 4 coffees a day. In addition, this beverage can cause significant risks in the disease. We can recognize the molecules formed by their golden, charred or brown colour: French fries, pizza dough, meat, burnt caramel, golden biscuits… To avoid this, you should heat your coffee or food below 110°C.

Disorders of the esophagus

It is possible to feel a burning sensation in the chest and reflux of gastric acid from the stomach. It is therefore advisable for people suffering from these symptoms to avoid consuming foods rich in coffee, chocolate, tea and energy drinks. Muscle contractions Coffee has a laxative effect.

It can cause muscle contractions in the digestive tract and speed up activity in the colon, which allows food to move through the digestive system. Unsurprisingly, some people have a much stronger laxative effect when consuming it. a large amount of coffee .Strong and frequent urge to urinate. Caffeine is a powerful bladder stimulant. We tend to go to the bathroom more often. Additionally, heavy caffeine consumers have a higher risk of developing incontinence, even with a healthy bladder. Coffee also has psychological effects that it can produce: Anxiety Coffee is known to make consumers more alert because caffeine blocks adenosine, a chemical in our brain. This causes the feeling of fatigue .It is important not to consume coffee when blood pressure is already high. The effects of caffeine on sleep depend on generic factors. For example, if a consumer stops drinking it, they are more likely to experience headaches and fatigue.

Caffeine Overdose Risk A healthy 16-year-old American teenager named Davis Allen Cripe died in April 2017 of having too much caffeine in his body. He had fainted in class. after downing a McDonald’s latte, a large can of Mountain Dew (a caffeinated soft drink) and an instant energy drink .The death was announced at the hospital a few hours later. This excessive coffee consumption resulted in arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) as the cause of death .The teenager had drunk 472 mg of caffeine. The chart below shows the amount of caffeine in beverages or specific foods .There’s also the case of Logan J. Stier, a student over 18 years old and professional wrestler .Plus, they don’t just exist to have positive effects on the body.

But you can limit them by taking precautions. Warning Signs Some groups are more susceptible to the side effects of coffee. People with high blood pressure and heart problems should avoid high caffeine intake. Children, teenagers and the elderly are also sensitive to the effects of coffee .For example, a child may not sleep all day or get angry if you give him a cup of coffee. Pregnant women should limit their coffee intake to avoid delayed fetal development. A consumption limit Avoid exceeding the consumption of more than 4 cups of coffee per day. Beyond this limit, the risks increase. This number varies from person to person: weight, height and age influence this limitation .Pay attention to the recommended caffeine dose. Note that many foods and beverages contain caffeine. the list of ingredients. This list is incomplete. It just has some advantages and disadvantages of coffee. If you have serious coffee-related problems, it’s important to see a doctor .

Of course, you can always share very pleasant moments with your family or colleagues over a good coffee. it must be reasonable

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