The 10 Best Cheap Microwaves Under $100

The 10 Best Cheap Microwaves Under $100

Microwave Ovens

If we did a survey to seek out out which device we use the foremost and without which we couldn’t live, there’s one that might win all the bets. All right! The microwave.

Looking at it, think for a second:

Does one know someone who doesn’t have one?

It is definitely a requirement within the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what sort of person you’re , regardless of what your tastes or the pace of life you carry. Of course, at some point within the day, you would like to heat a coffee, make an infusion, or provides a touch to the plate you only took out of the fridge.

And you would like it immediately , without getting anything dirty and within the precise time. The microwave may be a device that solves your life in seconds.

That is why you would like to settle on the right oven for you, the one that suits you best, because the offer has increased and you’ll find very basic devices to others that have significantly expanded the performance and features: with grill, convection, built-in, etc.

Do you encourage yourself to seek out your own?

The 10 Best Microwaves of 2021

Below we show you which of them microwaves are the very best rated by users in 2021 and their value for money, so you’ll get a thought of what you’ll find on the market.

10.Cecotec White:

The cheapest possibility on the list, however no less purposeful in its range. If you’d type of a microwave simply to heat, with the proper power, and with none electronic complications, you’ve got already got it: the Cecotec White can give you with the service you’d like .
Managing it couldn’t be simpler. 2 wheels, one to signal power and therefore the other to manage time. It opens by actuation a handle on the door. It’ unpacking it, golf stroke it on the counter, plugging in and prepared .

The 700 W is truthful if we tend to compare them to alternative models, however it all depends on the use: if it’ for one person or for stray uses, we should always always always not attend one thing costlier either.

the worth is noticeable in some adjustments. The legs aren’t quite balanced that we tend to appreciate alittle “lameness”, a matter of millimeters. and therefore the inner coating turns slightly yellow with use. It ought to even be noted that this is often often often a really light-weight microwave that opens by actuation on a handle. it’ counseled to possess your hands liberated to hold it, as a result of with the gap traction it can move slightly .

You don’t obtain associate kitchen appliance to second half a lifetime, however the Cecotec White can get you out of hassle and deliver what it promises.


  • Economical
  • terribly easy
  • Small, ideal for tight areas.


  • Little power
  • Lightweight, are usually affected by gap the door
Microwave Ovens

9.Orbegozo MI 2018

If you’re doing not need to pay many money however need a microwave to unravel the foremost regular problems, this Orbegozo have gotten to be enough for you.
it’s 2 manual rotary controls. In one, the time; on the opposite , the facility levels and therefore the melt function. And it opens by actuation the door handle. it’ not simply that it’ intuitive – it’s the best issue you’ll notice . If you’d want to shop for a microwave for associate old person, as an example , one like this is often often often an honest choice.

it’s conjointly an honest choice to use it wherever there’ll not be serious use. Of course, this is often not your microwave if you’re a vast family at home: its 700W have gotten to be short, except for the particular indisputable fact that you merely simply would possibly miss out on alternative features. If you needed it with a grill, you’d ought to address its “big brother”, the MIG 2030, with the same capability and thus an equivalent power.

it’s a neat exterior design, in grey (not untarnished steel), though the feet might maybe be adjusted slightly better. it’ a light-weight kitchen appliance and once you pull the handle it will wiggle slightly , it wouldn’t be a nasty plan to place it on a non-slip surface.

The Spanish whole Orbegozo provides sensible ends up in tiny appliances, and this MI 2018, in its simplicity, doesn’t disappoint.


  • terribly economical
  • terribly straightforward to use
  • Careful style

The inconvenient:

  • simply the facility
  • The legs slide slightly on the swish counters

8.Hieronymus Bosch HMT 72G 650

If you’d sort of a easy and not terribly massive (17 l) intrinsic microphone, this Bosch can solve your life. It’ good for reheating, defrosting and creating a simple recipe, however most significantly , it won’t complicate electronic programming or alternative extras. it’ a simple oven, throughout a stunning stainless-steel which might be combined in any kitchen.
The grill operate makes it slightly a lot of complete. we’ll cook simple dishes with it, hard the days and therefore the ability slightly with the attention , as a result of it’ no programs.

The controls are simplified the utmost quantity as possible. 2 wheels, one to pick out the power level, melt function, grill solely or grill cooking. the opposite is to line the minutes. Not having a display, the time choice isn’t precise, particularly on short portions, once you merely need to heat a occasional or associate infusion.

The installation is incredibly easy and therefore the ability of 800 W isn’t dangerous inside the smallest amount . With this straightforward Bosch you may have a microwave for many years to come back .


  • The standard of the whole
  • terribly straightforward to use
  • He options a grill

The inconvenient:

  • The worth
  • Not very precise inside the time programming

7.Teka MWE 230G

Teka presents U.S. with a microwave with grill that’ quite complete in its practicality for an inexpensive price.
For starters, it’ a simple and pleasant device, created from stainless-steel within and out and with a minimalist design that creates it terribly appealing to the eye: a show with 5 tiny rectangular buttons throughout a row. ; below, a wheel to manage time or weight. The buttons are all an equivalent (even the quick launch button doesn’t pop out!) and therefore the instructive drawing is quite small. it’sn’t significantly sophisticated once you acknowledge what every command is for, however it isn’t obvious at the start glance. you’ve to know .

For the remainder , it is a mean power adjustable on 5 levels, kid safety, and form of alternative programs. one thing attention-grabbing is that it will hit the books your favorite dishes: the time and power needed to rearrange them.

the top of change of state warnings are insistent: 5 non-deactivatable double beeps, to be taken into consideration for little residences or if users have terribly completely different hours reception .

Daily microwave, the Teka MWE 230 G is sensible and simple to use. If you’d want to cook, you may be ready to notice other, not better, however a lot of intuitive models on the market.


  • sensible microwave and grill power
  • Thawed by weight
  • sensible worth for money

The inconvenient:

  • Operation isn’t intuitive
  • The beeps are slightly high-pitched

6.MIC201EX Candies

The Italian complete Candy offers us an aesthetic and straightforward inherent microwave, beat stainless-steel . it’ comfortable for the essential functions however its 800 W are typically barely short if you’d love it to cook.
However, it’ attainable to wish advantage of its eight cookery programs, combining the numerous microwave powers with the grill function. we tend to additionally appreciate that it’ the probability of defrosting by weight and not just by time.

the house key’ comfortable for everyday use. perhaps we like less that it only permits adding thirty second intervals and provides no choices unless.

It need to be noted that when it’ finished heating, it warns with four beeps that cannot be deactivated. Another detail, the within light-weight remains on as long as a results of the door is open, therefore confine mind to perpetually shut it. And there will be times once you favor higher to travel away it open for a quick time , particularly when cooking. If you’ve young kids there’ no kid safety.

The Candy MIC201EX is additionally a tool which may utterly solve your daily uses.


  • A recessed at an honest value
  • Meets basic performs
  • He options a grill

The inconvenient:

  • The sunshine solely goes out if the door is closed
  • Cannot pack up the sound
Microwave Ovens

5.Balay 3WGX 1929P

This inherent sweep is additionally an honest choice for people that don’t would really like a high volume microwave. Its seventeen liters are alright used, with 800 W of power for the microwave function and a grill which may be used at an equivalent time or separately. it’ an home appliance built to last, robust and reliable.
Its use is quite intuitive. The 5 power levels are indicated by individual howevertons and it’ a dial to settle on the time or the load on the screen, keep with our interests. This management is that the sole 1 that stands out, and it are typically pushed to be integrated. Thus, the front is left with a totally uniform appearance.

It’ a useful microwave, with no frills, but with sensible use of the eight cookery programs it offers.

when heating is finished, the indoor fan continues to run one or two of seconds. this might be barely annoying for variety of users, particularly people that like quiet appliances, however reciprocally it ensures sensible ventilation of the cookery compartment.

it’s appreciated that the sounding warning signals are configurable. they can not be whole canceled but are typically reduced to 3 single beeps, comfortable to signal once the Balay 3WGX 1929 P has finished its work.


  • Configurable warning sounds
  • Hidden management
  • Strong, created to last

The inconvenient:

  • It’s not anti-fingerprint
  • The fan is additionally alittle amount screeching

4.Daewoo KOG-837RS

The 800 W of power that this Daewoo presents provides many itself because of the distribution of the waves within the device. The house decisions it CRS (that’ what they call their twin emission system) however what we’re extremely interested in is that it provides even heating and equally balanced thawing, with no cold components next thereto . others who are virtually cooking.
The grill completes the benefits of a microwave that has 5 power levels and, beware, a twenty eight cm plate, which is ok for a 3} l appliance.

In any case, the cookery compartment is additionally slightly curious. On the one hand, it saves house by keeping the grid separated by a grid, so as that it’ well clean and doesn’t deduct helpful space; on the choice hand, the inner half tapers slightly towards the rear wall, that somewhat reduces the operability.

the mix of the chrome steel front with the black sides is elegant, the gap handle is extremely comfy and it’ not a awfully screeching oven: three warning beeps and it remains silent. additionally , it’ kid safety.

Otherwise, the Daewoo KOG-837RS is nicely finished, providing sensible cookery choices for an inexpensive price.


  • Twenty eight cm plate
  • Spacious interior
  • Even the space

The inconvenient:

  • Not significantly intuitive

3.Candy CMXG25DCS

If you’re keen on to cook and dare to urge the foremost out of your new microwave, you ought to consider this proposal from the Italian brand Candy. Certainly, its 40 automatic programs make it easy for you, and you’ll also download the Simply-Fi app, which provides you tips and tricks to form the foremost of the chances of this oven.
And we say oven because it’s quite a microwave. Of course, you’ve got the choice of heating and defrosting. The latter is additionally through with a selected program, during which the load of the food is entered and it’s only liable for calculating the time required.
But it also features a grill, so you’ll use it for cooking almost sort of a normal oven. All of those features, along side the power to program, make this an excellent option if you spend time experimenting within the kitchen. In return, if simplicity is what you’re trying to find , this device might outdo you with numerous buttons.
More things we actually liked: you’ll close up all sounds, it’s an ECO function, a fast start button and a toddler lock.
The interior design has been polished to avoid crevices where dirt can collect, and low porous materials are used, making it easy to wash .
The Candy CMXG25DCS features a capacity of 25 liters: it’s compact but spacious inside, with a 24.5 cm turntable. Perfect for kitchens with limited space, but don’t hand over on an outsized appliance.


  • Various cooking programs
  • Sound are often muted
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick start function

The inconvenient:

  • You have to review the user manual to profit from it.

2.Severin MW 7875

You have to undertake it to be convinced of the great investment that Severin is, which may cook sort of a microwave and convection oven, additionally to adding the grill function. With all this, it’s not necessary to possess two ovens within the kitchen. it’s enough to review the instructions of this one (which moreover don’t are available Castilian, although it’s not difficult to place them on line) to take advantage of all the chances that it offers us. Then you only need to present the food and choose the program. you’ll choose from broiling, roasting, thawing and, of course, reheating.
If we cancel the microwave function, we’ll have a typical oven. we will also use it only as a microphone and warmth our breakfast coffee.
Of course, in terms of power, its 700W is less than others of comparable price, which usually have a 1000W grill.
It has a 24.5cm plate and includes a grid.
The Severin MW 7875 may be a microwave to urge the foremost out of it. So if you’re only using it for heating herbal teas, this won’t be the one for you. But if you’ve got little space within the kitchen or don’t need to possess tons of appliances, this 2 in 1 will convince you.


  • You save space within the kitchen
  • Includes a grid

The inconvenient:

  • Noisy in standby

1.LG MH6535GDH

Microwave Ovens

To begin with, a really correct power of 900 W, which is especially well exploited because of the brand’s technology (Smart Inverter), which distributes the warmth very evenly throughout the cooking compartment. With this appliance, you do not got to open halfway through cooking, stirring and reconnecting for the dish to heat evenly.
And thereupon , one more: the plate (wide, 29.2 cm) has six supports, and not the standard three, thus gaining in stability; additionally , the rotating function are often disconnected, that is, you’ll put an oblong dish (holds up to 2 kg), make better use of the space and confirm that everything will heat up evenly.
Another interesting point is that for the interior capacity it’s , 25 l, it’s not too big a microwave. Its compact size allows you to place an outsized capacity microwave during a small kitchen.
And more things to highlight: Eco function, which turns off the sunshine when in standby, LED interior lighting, far more attractive than the standard , child lock, a gadget for steaming, musical sound warning ( not the quality beeps) … And various programs, some as useful as softening butter or fermenting dough.
In short, the LG MH6535GDH may be a microwave with grill which will cover all of your needs, even those you hadn’t thought of. it’s available in white, black and transparent black.


  • Heats and defrosts evenly
  • Deactivating the turntable
  • Very compact design

The inconvenient:

  • Cannot mute the sound.

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